Every day many Kyiv dwellers cross a humble bridge on their way to Protasiv Yar and back. Few people realize that they are passing over a small creek that once was a symbol of Ukrainian majestic history.

This refers to the Lybid River which held back Mongol hordes at Kyiv door ….

Nowadays, looking at the remainder of past sublimity, it is hard to believe it. However, the river still exists covering more than 17 kilometers running through the capital of Ukraine. In some of its stretches it is confined in culverts and is not visible, in others it has an open flow, but runs in a concrete trough.

image001 It is annoying, because using modern technology it is possible to extricate the river from the gripe of captivity, restore the environment at the waterside and bring healthy natural landscapes back to Kyiv residents …


There are a many success story of such “reclamation” in the world. It is these best practices that has prompted 10,000 Kyivans to support an electronic petition for recognizing Lybid River as an environmental disaster area, which was written by Mr. Anton Puzan’, head of the NGO “Water Rise Kyiv

Concerned citizens took it a step further and created appropriate institutional mechanisms that would combine experience, knowledge and energy of several generations of Kyivans. One of them is Non-Government Organization “Our Lybid” established on 8 June 2016. Its founders are AUTOLUXE SERVICE LTD, RIDNYI DIM PLUS LLC, TONIGHT EVENTS LTD. Policy making and planning of the Organization’s activity is exercised by the Supervisory Board, and the Directorate is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Organization. Since the river makes its way through three city districts (Golosiyivkyi, Solomyanskyi and Shevchenkivskyi), the Organization forges partnerships with the administrations of the districts, as well as with relevant municipal services in the area – “Zelenbud” and “Pleso”, who are responsible for the maintenance of green zones and waterways in the city.

The Organization also fosters relationship with numerous Ukrainian SCOs and initiatives related to sporting events, children’s crafts, both technical and artistic. Public events are organized to clean the area around Lybid and maintain it in proper condition.

Public effort is focused primarily on a 2-km section of the river stretching from the bridge in Fedorova Street to the new residential complex “Brooklyn”. The Organization is working with the leaders and administrations of institutions and enterprises located on the banks of the river to involve them in the environment conservation projects.

And most importantly – youth of the city is fully engaged in the activities of the Organization. They vision the capital a green city, comfortable for living, work and leisure. The garment of green provides the city with oxygen, nourishing moisture and habitat for birds and small animals…

One of these green corridors stretches along the Lybid River, lending itself as a recreation area and “green traffic artery” with bike paths, hiking trails, electric carts and jogging tracks.

The corridor is spotted with environmentally friendly businesses and organizations. Local power supply is provided by alternative sources.

This is the image of our Lybid Ecopark, where advanced environmental technologies are implemented in the urban environment; organic architectural structures are harmoniously blended into the landscape making the best use of natural construction materials; a sporting complex is asking over – all these make a unique center for development, leisure and recreation.


This is how the new generation of Kyivans pictures this part of the city. Their vision is fully shared by other city dwellers. It remains for us to combine our efforts and fulfill the dream.

Our Lybid NGO is counting on you, dear Kyivans!

Organization’s Contacts:

31, Fedorov Str., Office 1

Kyiv 03038, Ukraine

Tel.: (067) 654 77 71